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Organic Remedies Sees Green Pastures in Allegany County

Posted on 9/05/2023

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Cannabis Processor Chooses Allegany for First Maryland Location

Organic Remedies Jordan And Gordon
Jordan Medeiros, Organic Remedies Cumberland Laboratory Director, left, and Gordon Buist, Chief Operating Officer for Abdo Development, right, sit down to discuss their operations at Basecamp Coffee in Cumberland.

After recently receiving operations approval from the Maryland Cannabis Administration in June, staff and stakeholders with cannabis processor Organic Remedies Maryland say they are optimistic about the company’s potential in their new Cumberland location.

Organic Remedies operates multiple dispensary locations throughout Pennsylvania and a well-established laboratory. However, their Allegany County processing center marks their inaugural expansion into Maryland. The Cumberland facility's Laboratory Director, Jordan Medeiros, affirms the company's commitment to offering high-quality and cost-effective cannabis products to medical and recreational consumers.

Organic Remedies Jordan Medeiros
With a degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) Materials Science and Engineering program, Jordan Medeiros brings over five years of experience in cannabis extraction and manufacturing to the new Cumberland facility as its Laboratory Director.

“We focus on approaching cannabis processing from more of a pharmaceutical angle,” says Medeiros. “Our manufacturing practices and layout mimic that of a pharmaceutical company. I have a background in materials science with Dow Chemical, so we run a fairly tight ship. We emphasize scientific research and due diligence.”

Washington, D.C.-based Abdo Development leases the Cumberland facility from Allegany County. Abdo’s Chief Operating Officer Gordon Buist says they saw tremendous potential in Organic Remedies.

Organic Remedies Gordon Buist
As the COO of Washington, D.C. based Abdo Development, Gordon Buist manages complex projects across the country.

“From our perspective, Organic Remedies brought a lot that’s important for the industry and the county,” Buist explains. “We felt that they had the utmost respect for the business, and their team, knowledge, quality of the product, and technical expertise are all top-notch.”

Buist says they began looking for a location for Organic Remedies Maryland in 2020. When searching for the laboratory’s site, Buist says, Allegany County’s industrial capabilities and capable workforce stood out.

Organic Remedies Decarb And Distillation Room
Organic Remedies employs a pristine laboratory setting to develop high quality, cannabis derived products for the medicinal market.

“We found that Allegany County’s economic processes, including economic development, permitting, and licensing, were all very streamlined. Jeff Barclay, Nathan Price, and the entire economic development team were very supportive,” Buist says. “We were also encouraged by the county’s mission to move forward economically and the existence of the cannabis industry in the county. Those favorable impressions have proven correct as we’ve worked through the process of opening.”

Since receiving state approval, Medeiros says the laboratory has started operating but has yet to distribute any items for sale. They expect to have products on the market by the end of July or early August. While they may apply for cultivation and retail licenses in the future, they are strictly production for the time being.

“Everybody here is happy to help the industry and excited to see it take off"

The laboratory is hiring and will employ 10-15 people initially. They plan to increase their workforce to 30-45 employees following a planned facility expansion in 2024.

“Everybody here is happy to help the industry and excited to see it take off,” says Medeiros. “We’ve also benefited from finding a lot of individuals who are technically inclined, hungry for opportunities, and willing to learn.”

Medeiros and Buist also anticipate that the lower overhead costs of operating in Allegany County will help Organic Remedies Maryland be profitable and expand. 

Organic Remedies Packaging Room
In the packaging room, Organic Remedies employees carefully prepare the final product that will be placed on shelves throughout the state.

"The access to Interstate 68, allowing for quick connectivity to various locations in Maryland, is very valuable," Buist adds. “There are also a lot of opportunities for raw land, which creates the ability to expand more quickly.”

Those interested in establishing a foothold in the cannabis industry would do well to consider Allegany County, says Medeiros.

Organic Remedies Product Showcase
Organic Remedies specializes in a number of products, including cannabis edibles and cartridges, that will soon be available for medical users in Maryland.

“You’ll find a lot of support that you won’t in other places,” says Medeiros. “They won’t try to bury you in red tape but will help you move through the process. The barriers to entry are much lower here, and you’ll have a good team around you.”

“The necessary support is there — not just from the government, but from the businesses and vendors,” Buist says. “It’s a very supportive community with many opportunities, which will only become more evident in the coming years.”

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