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Allegany County Economic And Community Development Education

From Kindergarten to College


Allegany County places a significant emphasis on education. As a constituent jurisdiction of Maryland, the County holds itself to the high standards set by the state, which consistently ranks in the top tier of states for both K-12 and post secondary education.

Allegany County Public Schools

The Board of Education of Allegany County manages four high schools, four middle schools and 14 elementary schools. Students in Allegany County have a number of options and specialization tracks, thanks to the innovative programs offered by Allegany County Public Schools (ACPS).


ACPS Innovative Programs

Allegany County's Public School system is home to a number of innovative and future-proof programs, starting as early as kindergarten.

  • Chinese Partial Immersion Program

  • P-Tech Program

  • Apprentice Maryland Program

Allegany College of Maryland

Allegany County's two-year community college, Allegany College of Maryland, or ACM, offers Associates Degrees and professional certifications.

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Innovative Programs at ACM

Allegany County Economic And Community Development Forestry

Forest Technology

With one of the few dedicated programs in sustainable forest management in the nation, the two year Forest Technology degree teaches students how to inventory and care for timber stocks.
Allegany County Economic And Community Development Work Here


ACM's two-year AA in Nursing is consistently ranked one of the best in the country. With an emphasis on certification and further education, healthcare workers use it as a springboard to jump start their career.
Allegany County Economic And Community Development Key Industries

Automated Manufacturing Technology

As a engineering focus, this Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree goes beyond the traditional factory technician training and places an emphasis on solving complex engineering problems and are ready to enter the workforce or continue their education.