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Charming small towns, walkable urban cores and rural homesteads define Allegany County's housing landscape. With a world-class trail system, two state parks and a resort, Allegany County is also a regional leader in outdoor recreation.

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Life in Allegany County

Lower cost of living and higher quality of life make our county one of Maryland's lesser-known gems.

Walkable and vibrant neighborhoods aren't just in big cities. As a rural county with two urban cores, the university town of Frostburg and the historic city of Cumberland, Allegany County offers a unique alternative for those wanting to escape the expense and congestion of larger metro areas. As a Maryland jurisdiction, Allegany County maintains the high standards of public education found in the rest of the state. Our county is also the crossroads of world-class trail systems and home to multiple State Parks and a State Forest. After a day on the trails or hiking a mountain, our residents like to end the day in one of our many breweries, almost always accompanied by a live band and food trucks.


As a regional leader in healthcare, Allegany County is home to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) Western Maryland. From a modern hospital to a range of urgent care facilities, county residents can conveniently have all of their healthcare needs met without traveling long distances.

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Allegany County's vigorous public education system supports traditional learners with specialized pathways, such as Chinese immersion for grade schoolers and biomedical science for high schoolers, as well as a comprehensive apprenticeship program.

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From rail biking to brewery tours, Allegany County's unique position in the Appalachian Mountains provides its residents with ample selection of recreative activities. Unique storefronts dot our downtowns, and lakes and stream provide opportunities to kayak and fish.

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With cities and towns that came to prominence before the car was widely adopted, Allegany County is home to many walkable communities. Whether you want to live in an upper-story apartment downtown or an off-the-grid homestead on a mountain, you can live the way you want in Allegany County.

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Community Development

Focusing on our community's growth is a major function of our office, and we do so with the aid of grants and other state and federal programs.

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