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Resources And Incentives Manufacturers

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Resources and Incentives

Use the tools below to learn more about incentives for existing businesses planning to expand to our area, as well as resources for entrepreneurs ready to start or take their small business to the next level.

Browse State Incentives and Business Resources

Maryland Funding Incentives

The state of Maryland has a robust set of programs available to provide tax and funding incentives for new and expanding businesses. With programs from workforce development to energy efficiency, many employers qualify for one or more incentive packages. Click the link below to learn more.

State Programs to Help Build Local Industry

Manufacturing Incentives

Incentives programs are helping to enable new industry in Maryland.

While there are a number of incentives that most businesses can qualify for, Maryland maintains a robust incentives regime designed specifically to empower manufacturers. Discretionary funds, workforce development grants and more help to support new and existing industries build out their productive capacity in our state. Learn about some of the key programs below.

Key Incentives

More Jobs for Marylanders

Manufacturers that expand in one of Allegany County's five Opportunity Zones can qualify for income tax credits, based on 5 to 10 year employment benchmarks.

One Maryland Tax Credit (OMTC)

Available to Tier 1 Counties (which Allegany is) this tiered tax incentive program tax credit value equates directly to the number of jobs created and the capital investment made by the company.

Partnership for Workforce Quality (PWQ)

A workforce development grant program that matches the costs to SME manufacturers technology companies to provide next level training for their employees.

Advantage Maryland (MEDAAF)

One of the only state level discretionary programs for direct funding of large expansion projects. Can be a loan or grant, depending on level of employment.

Special Incentives Areas

Resources And Incentives Enterprise Zones

Enterprise Zone (EZ) Tax Credits

Allegany County is home to two Maryland Enterprise Zones, one in Frostburg the other in our County-owned Barton Business Park. Businesses located in Enterprise Zones receive real property and state income tax credits.
Resources And Incentives Opportunity Zones

Opportunity Zones

Allegany County is also home to four Opportunity Zones, one in Frostburg and three in Cumberland. These special tax zones provide a number of benefits, including capital gains abatement.
Allegany County Economic And Community Development Hubzone Business


The Historically Underutilized Business Zones (HUBZones) program is administered by the Small Business Administration and provides qualifying small businesses preference on bidding for federal contracts.

Small Business Resources

Invest Here Partner Maryland Business Express

Maryland Business Express

It's easy to start a business in Maryland. Visit the Maryland Business Express to plan, register and manage your legal entity.
Invest Here Partner Allegany County Chamber

Allegany County Chamber of Commerce

The local Chamber of Commerce chapter hosts networking, events and advocates on behalf of local business owners.
Americas Sbdc

Small Business Development Center

Located in Frostburg, Allegany County's Small Business Development Center can help you develop a business plan and turn your idea into a reality.

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