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Where innovative businesses, stunning vistas and historic downtowns converge. Where the Appalachian Mountains rise over green valleys, but are still only two hours from Washington D.C., Baltimore and Pittsburgh. Maybe it's time to make the move outside to Allegany County, Maryland.

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Affordability and livability are the hallmarks of Allegany County, situated in the heart of the Western Maryland Panhandle. Conveniently equidistant between Pittsburgh, Washington D.C. and Baltimore, Allegany County attracts visitors and new residents with its lower cost of living and higher quality of life. Employers are also impressed by our dynamic market and robust workforce options. From craft breweries to live music festivals, from fine dining to a burgeoning food truck scene, Allegany County offers what you would expect from larger markets, all framed by stunning mountain views and the Potomac River. Learn how to make Allegany County home for your family, business expansion, or both.


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“We are here for the long haul and we are creating local jobs."

"We are very bullish on everything we see here.”

- Jim Abdo, president and CEO of Abdo Development, based in Washington D.C., on his company's recent multimillion dollar investment in redeveloping property in Cumberland, Maryland.

Latest Economic News and Events

Polk Street Apartments Facade

Five Apartments Come to Polk Street Using Invest Allegany Grant

107 Polk Street, an architectural landmark in Downtown Cumberland, is stepping into a new era. Using the Allegany County Economic and Community Development (ACECD) Invest Allegany grant, the former Junior Masonic Lodge has undergone a transformative refurbishment, creating five modern, market-rate apartments. This construction is part of a strategic effort to revitalize vacant and underused properties in Allegany County. 

Hunter Abell is a third-generation contractor and President of his family’s construction business, Jack Abell, Inc. The firm has a long history in Cumberland, Maryland, where it was established in 1978. Originally purchased as a personal property, Abell bought the building in 2005 and saved funds to renovate it to its former glory.

Invest Allegany
Adaptive Reuse
Local Business
Interior With Connie And John N Mechanic Story

N Mechanic Street Welcomes New Residential Opportunities

As Allegany County continues to develop and expand, the demand for residential housing options grows. Responding to this need, the Allegany County Economic and Community Development (ACECD) Invest Allegany grant program provides a financial conduit to spur adaptive reuse projects in the county’s downtown and main street areas. The program incentivizes the conversion of vacant or underutilized downtown spaces into viable mixed-use properties to help create housing options and boost business.

N Mechanic Street, a principal thoroughfare alongside downtown Cumberland’s Wills Creek, will soon host three new apartments in upper-level space that had previously been commercial offices using funding from Invest Allegany. The building is under refurbishment by the North Mechanic, LLC. team, John Macy and Constance (Connie) LePrevost.  

Invest Allegany
Adaptive Reuse
Infill Development Program Property Conveyance

Cumberland Department of Community Development to Bring Over Twenty New Housing Units

A strategic initiative is underway in Cumberland to accelerate blight removal and transform underutilized spaces into market-rate housing. Through the Infill Development Incentive Program, jointly established by the City of Cumberland and Allegany County, the City is poised to welcome over twenty much-needed housing units.

“For decades, the declining population has led to a lot of unlivable, blighted properties in Cumberland,” shares Ken Tressler, Director of Administrative Services for the City of Cumberland. The City implemented a Nuisance Property Removal Program in 2014, which was renamed the Neighborhood Revitalization Program in July 2021. Since the program's initiation, the City has acquired over one hundred unlivable properties through tax foreclosure, donations, or acquisition. 

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